Founded in 2011 by two brothers and their combined passion for cycling and the cycling industry, Zevlin strives to bring personalized handlebar tape and natural body care products to market not just for the big chains, but for every rider big or small....and occasionally we strive to wear matching t-shirts.

When did you start riding a bike? What was your first race or the first challenge you accepted? Then there was the time you grabbed the handlebars and headed out on the road only to have your friends say your nuts. We've all got that burning in our souls, you know the one...the one you can only silence by the screaming of your legs as you conquer the next climb, next sprint or next competitor.
At Zevlin this passion started from a very young age and it hasn't stopped. We race, ride, roll down thousands of miles of road or dirt not because we have to, but because we want to. Our focus is to make cycling more fun with products we love and can stand behind because we are passionate about what we do. We're here to ride...come out and join us.
See you on the road or at an event or at the grocery store...you never know where we might pop up so keep a look out for the RedPants and remember to come up and say hello. We won't bite and we might even have something fun to give you.

Brad & Drew


Dallas, Texas 75207

(214) 224 - 4343